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5.11 Tactical Sabre 2.0 Jacket review

Dear friends,

after the quiet summer, which was terrible busy and eventful, we will again talk of his favorite topic – Outfit. This summer Five Elevent sent us a number of examples of high-quality gear one of which we’ll review today. We introduce you to 5.11 Tactical Series Sabre 2.0 Jacket. This is a second  generation SABRE Jacket, which has been improved based on user comments, as well as some innovation was added. I use this jacket from mid-summer, but the summer was successful – the weather was perfect, so a good rain and chilly weather did not start until the fall. A couple games or a walk in the city certainly insufficient to test this jacket – I’ve tested more.

Thus, the second half of September I went to a wintry Finland and Sweden. During the trip, I had to spend a lot of time on the ferry, and a few days in the city on foot with all the belongings on my shoulders, and the weather forecasts was not encouraging – +11-14 ° C, rain and wind. I decided to take a risk and began this journey wearing SABRE and just a T-shirt with short sleeves and thin T-shirt with long sleeves. Still doubted, should I pick up the fleece, but the jacket seemed to be a reliable and warmer clothes neem. And I was right …


Sveiki draugai!

Šiandien (tiesa pasakius jau senokai) mūsų rankose dar karštas G TMC PCU level 5!  TMC – True Manchurian Candidate, S8 PMC tarpe žinomas kaip patikimas ir kruopštus originalų gamintojas. Bene visi PMC turime net po kelis jų gaminius ir esame patenkinti – tai kopijų pasaulyje išsiskiriantys gaminiai savo kokybe.

G EB Made PCU Level 5

Kadangi, vis daugiau ir daugiau kolegų klausia manęs apie šį produktą, manau bus logiška, jei po 5 mėnesių kasdienio dėvėjimo, savo įspūdžius sudėsiu vienoje, visiems pasiekiamoje vietoje.