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Our boy Bull (Tom) has packed himself a unique new toy. He calls it Madbull’s Magpul:

  • Madbull Noveske MUR Upper & Lower Receiver with Ultimate Hop-up Chamber.
  • Madbull PWS MK.110 Rail Hand guard.
  • Madbull PWS FSC556 Quick Comp (flash hider).
  • Madbull precision barrel 6.2 mm.
  • DYTAC 12inch Night Hawk Outer Barrel Assembly.
  • Systema revolution gear box wit systema motor (gear box down graded to 120).
  • Magpul PTS Ambidextrous Sling Attachment Point.
  • Magpul PTS AFG2 Angled Force-Grip for Airsoft Training Simulation Black.
  • Magpul MBUS GEN 2 Back-Up Front and Rear Folding Sights Black w/Adjust Key.
  • Magpul PTS ACS stock with qd swivel sling mount and but-pad.
  • COMP M4 dot sight.

Madbull, Magpul, Noveske

Dear friends,

Today I will share with you one more review, initiated Powered by MadBull airsoft –  X Factor Piston full teeth. Again, if you do not know what is piston or what its function is – the next paragraph you might find uninteresting. This review is for those who know what we are talking about.

Dear friends,

we have another review, powered by MadBull airsoft. This time it is  –  Spring Guide (the spring root – others may say) for V2 gearbox. Who does not know what it is, how it works, or looks like – do not read further. However, the next time you change spring guide, ask for a better one – Madbull Ultimate Spring Guide (take a note) ;)

Dear Friends,
So,  goods finally came from MadBull Airsoft a week ago! I am very pleased that our agreement is not suspended and we will continue working.
Today I will review a unique adaptor that is being very simple, is also very functional. This is a standard 20mm rail belt buckle attachment loop … uh, weapon sling system adapter for standart 20mm rail.MadBull allowed to choose one of three similar types of adapters: